Kudos Corner is a means of acknowledging those in our parish who share their time, talent and treasure to spread the Good News of God's unconditional love. It is intended to lift up and celebrate the actions of individuals and groups within our faith community who touch hearts and make a difference.

This month’s Kudos Corner recognizes Norb Trapp. April 2017

Kudos Corner is a means of acknowledging those in our parish who share their time, talent and treasure to spread the Good News of God's unconditional love. It is intended to lift up and celebrate the actions of individuals and groups within our faith community who touch hearts and make a difference.(Written by Bill Tonnis)

This month’s Kudos Corner recognizes Norb Trapp.

Norb is widely known and widely admired here. And that’s because he has generously given so much of his time and energy. Norb was hired in 1995 after a career at the Government Accountability Office. Our Business Manager at the time, Diane Williams, says then VAC President Mike Wurzelbacher told her that she might as well hire Norb “because he’s up here all the time volunteering anyway!” Diane says, “I never regretted my decision. Norb always gave 110%. He went the extra mile by coming in on Saturdays for funerals and weddings when there were games to rope off parking.”

Norb is a fixture at the 7:30 Mass on Sunday mornings where he serves as an usher. He does the accounting and reporting for the school cafeteria. He oversees dismissal car pool each afternoon making sure parents keep it moving and that our children are safe. Norb is also a member of Parish Council and is active in St. Vincent de Paul where he serves as Treasurer. He often is involved in the pick-up and delivery of donated goods.

Norb and his late, beloved wife Judy had one son Michael. Michael and his wife Monica along with their 3 daughters Bella, Lilly and Maddie are also parishioners. Norb is often seen supporting his granddaughters at soccer games, gymnastic meets, etc.

Pastoral Associate for Facilities, Dave Feldman, says that Norb is a “rock star” in the school. “Kids have grown accustomed to his unique personality in the lunchroom each day. Little he does surprises them.” Principal Terry Chapman says the students love Norb and have loved him for years. This note from a current 4th grader sums it up:

“Dear Norb,
You are the best janitor anyone could ever ask for! I love all your light blue shirts and all of your famous sayings. You are always the highlight of my day. Lilly and Bella are so lucky to have you as their grandpa. Thank you so much for everything you do for me and all my other classmates.
Love, Camryn L

Mr. Chapman remembers a funny incident when Norb’s son Michael was in the first grade here. “Michael told Patti Schoborg his dad couldn't come to the “Meet the Teacher” event because he was in prison. He was in prison......doing an audit.”

The humor of that anecdote is reminiscent of Norb’s good-humor which he shares frequently...along with sharing his good heart. I can attest to that. One day while making a Communion visit to a disabled parishioner, I found the man on the floor after he had slipped from his chair. The man was unhurt, but unable to get up and I was unable to lift him. So I called the Parish Office for help. Nick Feldman and Norb soon arrived, but before Nick and I could say a word, Norb had the man in a bear-hug and gently hoisted him into his chair safe and sound. Norb didn’t make a big deal about it. That’s just the way he is. 

Kudos Corner thanks and salutes Norb Trapp for his many years of good-humored, good-hearted dedication to the parish!

This month's Kudos Corner recognizes Colleen Harmeyer


Kudos Corner is a means of acknowledging those in our parish who share their time, talent and treasure to spread the Good News of God's unconditional love. It is intended to lift up and celebrate the actions of individuals and groups within our faith community who touch hearts and make a  difference.

This month’s Kudos Corner recognizes Colleen Harmeyer.

For all who know Colleen Harmeyer,you know she is a “mover and shaker.” In other words, she gets things done! The blessing is that she gets great projects done here at the parish because she has a big heart for others. Her actions spring from her faith.

Recall these words from the Letter of St. James:
“What good is it if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can that faith save him? Faith of itself, if it does not have works, is dead.” (James 2:14,17)

Colleen is a woman of many “works!” Two such “works” Colleen has created, organized and spear-headed over the last several years are the Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Packing Party each November and the Family Sandwich-making Nights held each Lent and Advent. Thanks to Colleen’s determination, Visitation families have likely packed over a thousand shoeboxes with gifts and school supplies over the last six years. These shoeboxes were then shipped to children in third world countries where most of the kids would not have received any Christmas gifts if not for this charity campaign that crosses denominational lines.

The Sandwich-making Nights result in hundreds of sandwiches being made to feed those in need at Our Daily Bread in Over the Rhine. Colleen’s idea for both of these projects was not only to help those in need, but also to give an opportunity for entire families to gather and do a service project together. What a great way for our families to bond and to share their faith in doing good works for those in need!

Besides these projects, Colleen was also PTO President from 2012 - 2015. She has been head of the former Ladies Sodality group, and the spiritual leader for the CRHP Continuation Committee. Colleen was the one who put forth the idea for the playground and then helped make it happen. This will provide much fun and joy for our students and other children in the neighborhood for years to come. Colleen has also been involved in the school’s fundraising walk each year.

Kudos Corner thanks and salutes Colleen Harmeyer for her years of organizing great works that have touched thousands of lives and for inspiring so many of us with her faith!


This month's Kudos Corner recognizes Joe Schutte

There are many people working and volunteering behind the scenes at a parish. While they may garner little attention, they make a huge difference. One such person is Joe Schutte.

Joe regularly creates the schedules for Eucharistic ministers, lectors and servers. He’s been doing this since taking over for the late Deacon Bill Dehmer back when Bill began having health problems. That’s when Joe stepped forward to help and has been doing the scheduling ever since.

Managing these schedules is not an easy process. It involves using our parish data base and computer programs to schedule each area. There are frequent requests in each area from individuals who can only participate at certain Masses, on certain weekends, etc. This makes the scheduling process complicated and time consuming. On average Joe spends approximately 5 hours every week working on this scheduling process. That’s because there are several hundred parishioners volunteering as Eucharistic ministers, lectors or servers!

Joe receives frequent requests to add and drop people from the schedule. He tries to take into account families that have multiple members performing different ministries who request to all take part at the same Mass. Joe patiently carries out this complicated scheduling process with great dedication and care. 

Joe and his wife, Rhonda, have been parishioners since 1987 and have three grown children.

Kudos Corner thanks and salutes Joe Schutte for his tireless service behind the scenes. We appreciate you as so do the hundreds of current and past Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors and Servers!!

This month’s Kudos Corner recognizes Lynn Hensler. December 2016

Lynn has a driving passion to serve those in need. This is why she has been the chairperson of the Outreach Ministries Committee (formerly Social Action Committee) for over 10 years.

Each December the parish takes part in the St. Leo Toy and Clothing Drive and the Giving Tree which provides Christmas presents to children in need. Lynn has headed both these efforts for at least 15 years.

She also has a heart for those in prison. Lynn is highly active in the Dismas Journey, a movement in the Archdiocese to assist those who served sentences and are now looking for a second chance as they try to re-enter society. She has also taken part in mentoring those about to be released.

Lynn is one of several from Visitation who are part of the “Gather and Send” Archdiocese campaign involving Social Action groups from over 30 parishes.

She is also highly active in helping the Ed Colina Foundation which builds schools and improves the lives of the impoverished in Kenya.

Besides all this service, Lynn is highly involved in Visi’s Christ Renews His Parish, the CRHP continuation committee, as well as helping Our Lady of Victory’s CRHP. She is also a member of the Leadership Committee of the Doing God’s Work building campaign here.

Beyond Visitation…Lynn takes part in Interfaith Hospitality at St William Church.

Lynn and her husband Tom have one son, Tommy, who is an 8th grader here at Visi.

Kudos Corner thanks and salutes Lynn Hensler for sharing her time, talent and treasure with the parish and truly being a disciple of Jesus!

This month’s Kudos Corner recognizes Char Tribbe. November 2016

If you’ve been attending the liturgies here at the parish over the years, then your experience has been greatly enriched by Char’s artistic talents. She has been beautifying the church with her wonderful creativity and talent for many years. Char has been a key member of the Arts & Environment Committee which decorates the church in an appropriate way for each liturgical season. As a matter of fact, she is respected around the entire Archdiocese as an expert on all the Art and Environmental church documents. This has been reflected in the beautiful way she decorated our sanctuary. Just think about all of her custom-made altar cloths, banners and many unique flower arrangements that we’ve been treated to! 

Char was also instrumental in making many beautiful items that were sold at the Christmas Walks to benefit our parish. 

Besides sharing her artistic talents, Char was also a long-time member of the Bereavement Ministry. She was very active in this ministry, especially in instructing the servers at funerals.

Char and her husband Gary, who have been in the parish 37 years, have three children and seven grandchildren.

Known as a tireless worker as well as being a very spiritual and kind person, Char is loved, respected and admired by all who know her.

Kudos Corner thanks and salutes Char Tribbe for sharing her time, talent and treasure with the parish to enrich our liturgical experience!