Virtus/Safe Environment for Children and Youth


In our continuing effort to maintain a safe environment for all children at our parish activities, all volunteers and employees who work with children must attend an Archdiocesan scheduled VIRTUS live training session. These are available at many different locations. That information can be found online by clicking on the following address  This is in conjunction with the already in place Child Protection Decree Program that the Archdiocese has sponsored for the past several years. Even if you have already completed the Child Protection Decree Program, you must now attend an Archdiocese of Cincinnati sponsored VIRTUS program to validly work in any capacity with the children of our parish. 

The Archdiocese, in an effort to help the safety of our children while attending parish sponsored events, requires that all volunteers and employees, who work with children, also complete a background check.  If your fingerprints are more than 5 years old, an online background check must be complete before volunteering. Please note that we do not reimburse for the cost of the online check as we use the pre-paid tokens. To request a token, or if you have any questions regarding your VIRTUS account, contact our Safe Environment Coordinator, Laura Hampel, at before contacting the VIRTUS Help Desk.

Thank you in advance for your efforts in helping Our Lady of the Visitation have a safe environment in which our children can worship, work and play.