Academics Grades 1-8
6th, 7th and 8th grade Chorus
4th and 5th grades
Big Ears New York Philharmonic Kidzone Classic for Kids
Phil Tulga’s Web page San Francisco Symphony Dallas Symphony Orchestra for Kids
Music Theory
Reference-Encyclopedia-Homework SITES
Discovery Channel's Homework Site RefDesk- A research site divided by Grade & Subject Homework Center
Wikipedia- a free, open content, community-built encyclopedia with thousands of articles Yahoo Reference - Online encyclopedia Encyclopedia Britannica-Official site of the Encyclopedia Britannica
Columbia Encyclopedia- links to newspaper and magazine articles, pictures, and maps Infoplease-Online encyclopedia entries, dictionary definitions, and thesaurus help Encarta- Online encyclopedia, dictionary and atlas
Probert Encyclopedia-Online encyclopedia specializing in short, inter-linked articles Answers.comGet answers from a variety of encyclopedias, dictionaries, glossaries, and atlases with

Ask Jeeves


Ask a Librarian a Question
Academic Websites Grades 1~8






Math Games- Opens as a PDF

Grammar Blast


Spelling Activities
Play "Look, Cover, and Check"


Social Studies
Country Information


Know Your States


Animated Cursive



Solar System

http://w Catch

     Keyboarding using own words
     Typing the Alphabet

4th Grade 5th Grade






Natural Environments
Fish Scavenger Hunt


6, 7, & 8th Grades
Math Sites
Geometry: All areas- Triangles,Quadrilaterals, 3-D figures

Excel Spreadsheet Basics
Excel Spreadsheet Stock Market A
Excel Spreadsheet Stock Market B


Math Open Reference- Web-based geometry textbook with interactive tools
Plagiarism:How to Avoid It- a resources guide for sutdents
The E-Text Reader
For A Limited Time Get The E-text Reader Free
The E-Text Reader is designed to be a reading tool. You can use it for opening up and reading existing documents in your computer or you can cut and paste from any program on your computer. You can even insert pictures into the text. It is an “easy to use” reader that gives you the ability to change voices, read at any speed, and even allows you to make notes into the document you are reading.