Bad Weather Info #1:  Our Lady of the Visitation follows the Three Rivers School District for closings and delays.  If Three Rivers closes, we close.  If they have a delay, we are on a delay. Three Rivers will announce a decision on TV. We will also send it through our OneCall system. If we have to close when Three Rivers is open we will use our OneCall system.  Have you entered your OneCallNow Family Profile information through our website?

Bad Weather Info #2: If the weather turns nasty while we are in school, Three Rivers has been known to close early.  If they announce early closings, students who ride the buses will be put on the bus when it arrives. Car-poolers will be dismissed when their carpool arrives, be that at 1:30 or 3:00.  If you drive carpool, we ask that you pull in the lot as usual and come to the library where someone will meet you, get the name of your carpool and call the kids to come out and meet you at your car.  We will also put it on our OneCall system.

Bad Weather Info #3: Make plans now with your children for what they should do if there is early dismissal and you are not home.  Please do not ask them to call you from school if there is an early dismissal.