The safety of our children is most important.

Cooperation is appreciated.

Morning Carpool
Church Classrooms
Enter circle drive by the church.
Exit onto South Road, or drive behind main building to exit onto Werk Road.

Main Building
ONLY use South entrance to main building, last driveway by ballfield. Stay in a single file, leave your riders out of car and then proceed to exit. Please DO NOT form a double row of cars or attempt to pull in front of another car. To avoid a back-up to South Road, cars should pull up as far as possible before children get out. Children should get out of car when it stops, even if it is not up to the building.

Afternoon Carpool Grades 1-8
Carpool 1: All cars exiting to the south (tuning left) should arrive by 2:55. Those children will be dismissed at 2:55.

Carpool 2: All cars exiting north (turning right) should not arrive before 3:05. Children will be dismissed at 3:10.

  1. Please park facing WERK ROAD
  2. Children who do not see their cars are to wait behind the yellow line to the library and school building.
  3. Teachers are on duty to assist students in reaching their cars safely. Please cooperate for the same purpose.
  4. Please DO NOT BACK UP
  5. ALWAYS pull into parking lanes and be patient until the car in front of you moves.