Pastoral Council serves as the primary consultative voice of the members of the Family of Parishes, particularly in the pastoral planning process envisioned in Beacons of Light, the process of unifying multiple parishes into one canonical parish, and the discernment of appropriate stewardship of resources for the Family of Parishes. Pastoral Council will ensure that Fr. Don and his Family Leadership Team receive necessary input and feedback from parishioners at every step of the process of unifying the parishes within the Family. 

Parish Staff Fr. Don Siciliano (513) 922-2056
Representative  Kathy Brungs St Jude
Representative  Mike Brunsman   St Jude
Representative Steve Deiters Visitation
Representative Tony Edwards     Visitation
Representative Candi Fern     St Joseph
Representative Lisa Hackman     Visitation
Representative Don Larrick     St Joseph
Representative Neil LeSaint    

St Jude

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