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Breakfast with Jesus

Breakfast with Jesus

Father Mark asked all members of Parish Staff to participate in ministries to help us evangelize
(spread the good news of Jesus) to all of those around us.  He felt, and I totally agree, that the best
way to do this is through people witnessing this work of Jesus Christ present in their very own lives.

For those who have participated in CHRP, weren’t those witnesses the most powerful part of the
CRHP Weekend experience

Breakfast with Jesus is just that. We meet at 7:00 am the last Monday of each month in the 
Welcome Center. Our parish staff and parishioners will give witness to Jesus working in their lives,
and how it has changed them. As with my story about my encounter with Jesus, and how it has transformed my life.


Oh yea, free food too!  This program is open to EVERYONE!!
Not only our parish family, but also anyone who is interested in how Jesus works in our lives.

Invite your fellow parishioners, your Christian neighbors and come see what it is all about!!

God bless,
Deacon Doctor Marc

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