Kudos Corner is a means of acknowledging those in our parish who share their time, talent and treasure to spread the Good News of God's unconditional love. It is intended to lift up and celebrate the actions of individuals and groups within our faith community who touch hearts and make a difference.

September 2015, This month’s Kudos Corner recognizes Paul and Beth Weil

Paul and Beth have generously given their time, talent and treasure to Our Lady of the Visitation since they became members 22 years ago. They have chaired the major award at VisiFest for the past 15 years. Both have participated in CRHP in giving and receiving and they continue to help with the food for the current groups. Individually, they have also given of themselves in many different ways. In connection with school, Beth was the PTO Treasurer, chaired the 8th grade celebration in 2001, was a room mom, playground monitor, and helped in computer class. She also taught pre-school religion for five years, was on parish council for five years, and was a Den Leader for four years. Paul coached soccer, was a member of choir, and has been a Eucharistic Minister for 15 years.


Together they have raised three boys, Paul II, Timmy and Michael, who all graduated from Visitation and then Elder. Their sons all served at Mass. Paul and Beth say that through volunteering and being involved at Visi they have made lifelong friends and have had a lot of fun at the same time! According to Beth, “We have enjoyed being a part of a special, spiritual and giving community. It has been very rewarding to give of our time and talents. We have found that we receive much more than we give.”


Kudos Corner salutes them both!

July 2015, This month’s Kudos Corner recognizes Sharon Dickman and Marcella Leibel.

Sharon Dickman and Marcella LeibelSharon has been a dedicated parishioner here for 42 years. She and husband Jim are the parents of 2 and grandparents of 4. During her kids’ school years she was active serving in the lunchroom, library, Olympic Day as well as singing in the choir! Her service grew in 2003 when she helped Fr. Anthony by setting up for the visiting priest at the 8:30 morning Mass and gradually she expanded to ordering supplies, doing the laundry and replacing candles. Sharon was able to cut back duties after two sacristans were hired earlier this year but she continues to do the laundry which includes altar cloths, purificators and the servers’ albs. Sharon is truly a model for living your faith. She calls the service she is doing for the parish “Busy Prayer,” saying it allows her time to pray while working. What a great example of what St. Paul said: “Pray without ceasing.” (1 Thessalonians 5:16).
Marcella is one of the founding members of our parish. She and her husband Charlie were married here in October of 1947. It was the 9th wedding in our church which had just opened in February of that year. Marcella is the mother of 5, grandmother of 13 and great grandmother of 11. In the early years, Marcella was a member of a group of women that volunteered to clean the church. They would bring their kids with them and work while the kids played outside. Marcella also volunteered in the cafeteria and at school. In recent years she volunteered to help Sharon doing the church laundry when the former sacristan retired. Marcella says this is something she can do for the church that gives her a sense of responsibility. But that’s not all Marcella does for Visi! She also helps a group of women process The Voice of Visitation for mailing each month, serves on the Bereavement Committee, belongs to the “Sagers” group and attends various bible study groups. All this…at the age of 89!
FYI:  There are several steps to launder the purificators:
Treat the wine and lipstick stains
Soak the cloths for several hours
Rinse twice and dispose of water where people do not walk
Sharon and Marcella both have helped each other in many ways…like when Marcella’s husband was ill and passed away in 2013. That’s when Sharon covered for her. And then when Sharon had knee surgery recently…Marcella covered for her! These are two angels that serve the Lord behind the scenes!
Kudos Corner salutes them both!

June 2015, This month’s Kudos Corner recognizes Linda Leisring.

After many years of service in our parish’s religious education programs…Linda is taking a much deserved break! Linda has been doing catechetical work since she was 17, first at her own parish, then here at Visitation ever since she got married. She helped Sr. Mary Tewes with the PREP first Sacrament Preparation sessions from 1992 until Sr. Mary retired in 2012. Linda also helped with the Sunday morning program some of that time. She also helped with the Summer PREP program some of those years…even leading the music sessions when there wasn’t musician available to serve. Linda also served as Sr. Mary’s secretary on occasion. Linda and her husband Paul raised two sons and two daughters, including Laura Hampel, our current Pastoral Associate for Youth Ministry. 

According to Sr. Mary, “Linda had become a pleasant presence in my office, when she came to help. We have become friends over all this time. I really appreciated Linda, her love for the Church, Our Lady of Visitation Parish and all the people.” 

Linda’s daughter Laura says Linda had an amazing impact on her life. “She has such a profound love for the Eucharist and a deep love and trust in God and that bleeds into every aspect of her could it not?! At some point all of us kids helped in her PREP classroom and it was so mesmerizing to see our mom in that setting, talking about reconciliation and what it means to be close to God.”

When asked about her many years of service here, Linda said, “It is a joy to help children understand how exciting their Catholic faith can be and that they can have a best friend in Jesus.”

Think of all the students Linda has influenced over her years here at Visitation!

Kudos Corner salutes her!


May 2015, Kudos Corner recognizes Dick and Bert Tepe.

Dick and Bert Tepe 
 Dick & Bert Tepe

They have been organizing a “Jail Ministry” here at the parish for the past 24 years! They were originally involved in Jail Ministry at St. Leo’s through Dick’s sister. But when it was no longer feasible there, the couple reached out to Visi’s pastor at the time, Fr. Jack Wessling, who gave them the go ahead to begin the ministry here. That was 1991.  

Don and Rita Griffin 
 Don & Rita Griffin

They were joined right from the start by several others including Don and Rita Griffin who continue to be a part of jail ministry to this day! As many as 20 parishioners have been involved at certain times over the years…going out in groups of 2 or 3 to the various facilities including the Hamilton County Justice Center, the old Cincinnati Workhouse, River City Correction Center and the various Talbot Houses. In 2014, jail ministry teams from Our Lady of the Visitation visited and prayed with 319 people incarcerated in the Hamilton County jails and Talbot Houses. Altogether, OLV team members spent 66 hours holding services in area jails last year. Our parish also has been contributing around 65 plates of homemade cookies to the jails each Christmas. Visitation is one of the relatively few Catholic churches involved in Jail Ministry locally. Thanks to Dick and Bert’s leadership, enthusiasm and organization…dozens of Visi jail ministers have made quite a difference in the lives of many who were in desperate need of a spiritual lift!

Kudos Corner salutes them!

April 2015, This Kudos Corner recognizes Kerry Finley

This Kudos Corner recognizes Kerry Finley. It was her idea to start weekly tutoring at St. Leo’s. Thanks to her idea, involvement and inspiration…this outreach has been thriving each Tuesday evening from 6:30 to 8:00! Teachers, parents and students are now volunteering to take part in the one-on-one tutoring to help grade school and high school students from St. Leo’s and surrounding area.


At the root of this great endeavor was the involvement of Kerry’s son, Cole, in helping at the English as a Second Language program at St. Leo’s back in 2012. Through this, Cole forged a wonderful friendship with Alex, a refugee from Burundi and a parishioner at St. Leo’s. At that time, Alex was a freshman at Withrow High School. Alex has since become like a “big brother” to Cole’s other siblings.

Through the tutoring program at St. Leo’s, many other Visitation parishioners have been inspired to get involved. We have seen bridges form across what often are divisions due to culture, race, language and neighborhoods. The kingdom of God has broken into the present! Kerry heard the call in her heart…and responded! What has resulted has been a blessing to many! Kudos Corner salutes her!