Falling Awake

by Fr. Mark Burger
Father's newest book offerts a reflection for each day of the year, to encourage individuals to seek out and to find those moments of quiet and solitude in which they can attune themselves to God's quiet voice. By drawing upon his insights and experience, the reflections in Falling Awake present a gradual and immersive way to grow closer to God. This book is available for sale in the Parish Office, or the Welcome Center after Masses for $20.

Hearing God's Voice
by Fr. Mark Burger

Each daily message will draw you closer to a God of love who rejoices in providing you a spiritually rich and hope-filled life. Fr. Mark's inspiring words are a gift for you to carry throughout the day, to ponder, and to companion you on your life's journey. This book is available for sale in the Parish Office, or the Welcome Center after Masses for $15. 

Listen to Your Heart

Bill Tonnis, has published his second book titled: Listen to Your Heart: A Daily Devotional of Calling, Purpose and New Life.

It is available in the Parish Office as well as in the Welcome Center following Masses for $20 either by cash or check made out to "Bill Tonnis Music". Bill will donate five dollars from each purchase to the parish.

Mercy Reigns

Bill Tonnis' first book, Mercy Reigns: A Daily Devotional of Compassion, Comfort and Healing is still available, and Bill's four albums of original music are also for sale at $15 a piece. All songs can be found on Amazon Music, Apple Music and other download sites. Both books can be purchased on Amazon.



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