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What and why? 

Visitation's High School Youth Retreat, affectionately called, “Visi Retreat,” started in 1990, when parishioners saw the need for a retreat for high school students. With the exception of 1 year, Visi Retreat has continually been a source of solace and spiritual growth for many high school teens and the leaders alike since 1990. Visi Retreat has seen hundreds of teens through their struggles and triumphs over the years. 

This retreat is designed to encourage spiritual growth, promote self-esteem, and foster the development of a positive self-attitude. Throughout the weekend, we will focus on many different challenges and opportunities that each of us face in our lives. While the Core Team will present certain themes and issues, your ideas and input will decide what direction the small group discussions will take.

Two days on a retreat will give you a chance to take a step back from school, work and hectic schedules to decide where you want to go with your life. It is an important time to open up and show your true self to others. The retreat will give you some time to think about God’s plan for your life and what values are most important in your life now. While many high schools have retreats available to their students, Visi Retreat is unique in that small groups are led by retreat alum, are co-ed, and have a variety of freshmen - seniors in each group.

Any and all high school students are invited to attend the retreat, regarless of parish or school affiliation.

Where & When?
The "2021 Our Lady of the Visitation High School Retreat" is June 25-26 at Our Lady Victory, in Delhi. This will not be an overnight retreat. Teens should get dropped off and picked up by parents both days.

Contact Laura Hampel, at 347-2203 or lhampel@olvisitation.org 

Registration & Payment?
Priority registration will open in early Spring 2021, when Visitation parishioners, and non-parishioners who've attended in the past, receive the registration form in the mail. Be on the lookout for official dates in the Sunday Bulletin and Parish Update Friday emails, as well as on social media.

CHANGE FROM LAST YEAR: We are going back to paper registration forms. Registration will only be completed once the registration form and payment have been submitted. Send form and payment to Our Lady of the Visitation either by droppinf off cash, a check (payable to Our Lady of the Visitation) or pay by credit card on line.

Cost is TBD per retreatant. If a family sends more than one child, the fee is reduced for the second or third child. A waiting list will be started as needed. Contact Laura with any questions.