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The Girl Scouts of America is open to all girls of the parish from grades kindergarten through twelve. Girl Scouts provides, as it always has, the best opportunities for girls to get the experiences and tools they need to be successful leaders now, and throughout their lives. 

The Girl Scout Leadership Experience engages girls in:

  • Discovering themselves
  • Connecting with others, and
  • Taking action to make the world a better place.

These discoveries happen through the Girl Scout program, which is intentionally designed to be:

  • Girl Driven - by the girls, for the girls.
  • Experiential - learning by doing.
  • Cooperative - working in small groups and teams.
  • Non-Formal - intentional learning activities with girls directing the outcome.


With their Girl Scout leaders, girls team with one another to implement their own troop activities, based on their interests. In addition to helping girls take ownership of their experience, Girl Scout leaders ensure all activities are grade-appropriate and based on the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, as well as on the Girl Scout Promise and Law. They encourage each girl to express her feelings and ideas in this all-girl, girl-driven environment and to build leadership skills through the girl/adult planning approach. For information a

bout how to register your daughter as a Girl Scout volunteer, send us an email at visigirlscouts@hotmail.com.

Boy Scouting is a year-round program for boys and girls age 11 (who have completed 5th grade) - 17.

This is a program of fun outdoor activities, peer group leadership opportunities, and a personal exploration of career, hobby and special interests, all designed to achieve the BSA’s objectives of strengthening character, personal fitness and good citizenship.

For more information regarding Boy Scouts, call Brian Merz, 513-614-4948, merz_bjm@yahoo.com. 

Cub Scouts is open to boys and girls of the parish K - 5th. Our program is strong because it gives boys and their families the opportunity to:

  • Develop a love of nature
  • Gain confidence and leadership skills
  • Discover their full potential
  • Prepare for Boy Scout Rank
  • Attend sporting events and family campouts, tour firehouses and TV stations, and so much more!
Feel free to contact one of our Pack Committee Members for additional information!
Cub Master Jayne Laake 593-4465
Pack Comm. Chair Kate Raterman 225-6481

3172 South Road | Cincinnati, OH 45248 | (513) 922-2056