Kudos Corner is a means of acknowledging those in our parish who share their time, talent and treasure to spread the Good News of God's unconditional love. It is intended to lift up and celebrate the actions of individuals and groups within our faith community who touch hearts and make a difference.

This month's Kudos Corner recognizes the Visi "Oldtimers" Group

While this men’s group officially gets together to play softball against other Catholic parishes in an over 35non-competitive Friday night league, it’s not just about fun and fellowship. These guys are also doing God’s work.


The group has two major fundraisers…a softball tournament and a golf outing. Both are to raise money for a good cause. About ten years ago, they started hosting what they call the “Old Timers Memorial Softball Tournament” during the second week of July. Jeff Foran built a “Memorial Board” to honor the Old-Timers from all the parishes who have passed away.


About 6 years ago, the Old-Timers started hosting a league-wide golf outing in the spring. The mission for both sports outings is to raise money for all the various westside Catholic grade schools’ tuition assistance funds. All the money from these two fundraisers is then taken to the George Hubert Elementary Scholarship Assistance Program (ESAP) Foundation which then generously makes a one-and-a-half-times match of that amount. A large amount of the money goes to Visitation while the rest is split equally between the other teams’ parishes. “We then pick a date in December and we personally deliver the checks to each school’s principal and ask them to give to a needy family or families in their school who are struggling to pay their tuition,” according to Steve Murray. “We make sure it goes to the principal as they know the true heartbeat and needs of their school families.”


Additionally, the Old-Timers make occasional modest donations to VAC for field maintenance and improvement expenditures, and the last couple of years donated to help with the 8th grade graduation costs. They also recently purchased 20 new folding tables for the Pavilion and helped finish the renovation of the library into classrooms this summer.


 You can always find the Old-Timers running the grill at Visi-Fest on Sunday each year…and their wives taking orders at the counter.


“We are a great bunch of Catholic men always looking to add to our strong group” said Murray. If you’d like to join them, contact him at 520-2455, Mark Ficker at 276-1817 or Tony Willenborg at 604-3016.


Kudos Corner thanks and honors the Old-Timers for their dedicated service to the parish!


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