Kudos Corner is a means of acknowledging those in our parish who share their time, talent and treasure to spread the Good News of God's unconditional love. It is intended to lift up and celebrate the actions of individuals and groups within our faith community who touch hearts and make a difference.

This month's Kudos Corner recognizes Joe Schutte

There are many people working and volunteering behind the scenes at a parish. While they may garner little attention, they make a huge difference. One such person is Joe Schutte.

Joe regularly creates the schedules for Eucharistic ministers, lectors and servers. He’s been doing this since taking over for the late Deacon Bill Dehmer back when Bill began having health problems. That’s when Joe stepped forward to help and has been doing the scheduling ever since.

Managing these schedules is not an easy process. It involves using our parish data base and computer programs to schedule each area. There are frequent requests in each area from individuals who can only participate at certain Masses, on certain weekends, etc. This makes the scheduling process complicated and time consuming. On average Joe spends approximately 5 hours every week working on this scheduling process. That’s because there are several hundred parishioners volunteering as Eucharistic ministers, lectors or servers!

Joe receives frequent requests to add and drop people from the schedule. He tries to take into account families that have multiple members performing different ministries who request to all take part at the same Mass. Joe patiently carries out this complicated scheduling process with great dedication and care. 

Joe and his wife, Rhonda, have been parishioners since 1987 and have three grown children.

Kudos Corner thanks and salutes Joe Schutte for his tireless service behind the scenes. We appreciate you as so do the hundreds of current and past Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors and Servers!!

This month’s Kudos Corner recognizes Lynn Hensler. December 2016

Lynn has a driving passion to serve those in need. This is why she has been the chairperson of the Outreach Ministries Committee (formerly Social Action Committee) for over 10 years.

Each December the parish takes part in the St. Leo Toy and Clothing Drive and the Giving Tree which provides Christmas presents to children in need. Lynn has headed both these efforts for at least 15 years.

She also has a heart for those in prison. Lynn is highly active in the Dismas Journey, a movement in the Archdiocese to assist those who served sentences and are now looking for a second chance as they try to re-enter society. She has also taken part in mentoring those about to be released.

Lynn is one of several from Visitation who are part of the “Gather and Send” Archdiocese campaign involving Social Action groups from over 30 parishes.

She is also highly active in helping the Ed Colina Foundation which builds schools and improves the lives of the impoverished in Kenya.

Besides all this service, Lynn is highly involved in Visi’s Christ Renews His Parish, the CRHP continuation committee, as well as helping Our Lady of Victory’s CRHP. She is also a member of the Leadership Committee of the Doing God’s Work building campaign here.

Beyond Visitation…Lynn takes part in Interfaith Hospitality at St William Church.

Lynn and her husband Tom have one son, Tommy, who is an 8th grader here at Visi.

Kudos Corner thanks and salutes Lynn Hensler for sharing her time, talent and treasure with the parish and truly being a disciple of Jesus!

This month’s Kudos Corner recognizes Char Tribbe. November 2016

If you’ve been attending the liturgies here at the parish over the years, then your experience has been greatly enriched by Char’s artistic talents. She has been beautifying the church with her wonderful creativity and talent for many years. Char has been a key member of the Arts & Environment Committee which decorates the church in an appropriate way for each liturgical season. As a matter of fact, she is respected around the entire Archdiocese as an expert on all the Art and Environmental church documents. This has been reflected in the beautiful way she decorated our sanctuary. Just think about all of her custom-made altar cloths, banners and many unique flower arrangements that we’ve been treated to! 

Char was also instrumental in making many beautiful items that were sold at the Christmas Walks to benefit our parish. 

Besides sharing her artistic talents, Char was also a long-time member of the Bereavement Ministry. She was very active in this ministry, especially in instructing the servers at funerals.

Char and her husband Gary, who have been in the parish 37 years, have three children and seven grandchildren.

Known as a tireless worker as well as being a very spiritual and kind person, Char is loved, respected and admired by all who know her.

Kudos Corner thanks and salutes Char Tribbe for sharing her time, talent and treasure with the parish to enrich our liturgical experience!

This month’s Kudos Corner recognizes John Metz. October 2016

This month’s Kudos Corner recognizes John Metz.

John has no doubt ministered to you, even if you didn’t realize it. John has generously donated his gift of artistry to the parish in many ways.

Have you seen the beautiful murals on the library walls? John designed those for us. He designed and painted the set for the school’s performance of Beauty and the Beast and also designed incredibly beautiful sets and props for our school’s Christmas concerts for the past five years.

If you’ve had a chance to read Fr. Mark Burger’s wonderful second book, Falling Awake, you have been treated to John’s work again! He designed the cover of the book and then gave Fr. Mark his original painting that was reproduced on the cover. As the parish’s Awareness Coordinator, John is designing new banners and brochures that are being used parish-wide. You may have seen some of the sacramental and ministry brochures that we now have: Marriage, Outreach, Liturgy and Worship, and RCIA – all produced from John’s donated time and talent! One of our staff members put it this way: “Any design project I ask of him he willingly does. He is a very generous man.”

But that’s not all! John is also heavily involved in our Stephen Ministry. He was part of the first class of Stephen Ministers undergoing the 50 hours of training in order to be a care-giver to those in need. He spent three years meeting with care-receivers and then last January took part in a week-long training session to become a Stephen Ministry Leader.

John and his wife, Cindy, who both tragically lost their first spouse, were blessed by God in finding each other. After a career in graphic design, John is now a professional artist. His paintings have been purchased around the country. His work is frequently on display at Malton Art Gallery on Edwards Rd. across from Rookwood Commons. If you haven’t seen his beautiful work, check out his website:

On the site, John writes: “My work explores concepts of timelessness, energy, beauty and spirituality.” If you know John, you know that “beauty and spirituality” shine from his soul.

Kudos Corner thanks and salutes John Metz for sharing his time, talent and treasure with the parish in ways that uplift, comfort and inspire!

This month’s Kudos Corner recognizes Diane Williams.

Diane is retiring after 25 years of service to the parish as our Business Manager. She has led 3 building projects and is helping with the 4th project now underway. But while we could enumerate a myriad of accomplishments due to her talents to “manage,” all who know Diane can attest to how she has made an even bigger difference due to her desire to “minister.” 

Diane has reached out to help many in need. Those who have received from her generous heart know this. Under her leadership, our St. Vincent de Paul group has done countless good works. As one member of the staff put it, SVDP “came alive” under her influence. 

Through two bouts with breast cancer, Diane has shown a deep faith in God’s deliverance. From her deeply spiritual experience she saw the need for a cancer support group. As a member of that group, Gina Huseman Donovan, tells it: 

“In 1997, almost twenty years ago, when first diagnosed with cancer, Diane was recommended to attend a support group by her doctor. She did and benefited from it; but the group was not supposed to mention God. So she consulted Sr. Gert and together they initiated the Cancer Support Group at Visi, one that had God as an integral part. This support group featured: Meetings that started and ended with prayer; prayer services, healing Masses and special blessings; speakers; videos; monthly meetings; support for one another; rides to appointments when necessary; information on services in our community; an annual Christmas dinner and, of course, attendance at the funerals. Diane still organizes and runs every meeting, arranges the speakers and agendas and hosts the yearly swim party. She has received an "Unsung Hero" award from Cancer Family Care for her selfless one instance taking a late-stage cancer patient into her home temporarily when accommodations for her were delayed. She has been, and remains, the guiding spirit of the ministry.” 

Diane has also shared her spiritual insights through a longtime involvement in the Women’s Christ Renews His Parish program. Besides that, she and her husband, Chris, who have four sons, are the coordinators for FOCCUS, a program that helps guide engaged couples. 

After being trained and then serving as one of the Stephen Ministers here in the parish, Diane currently serves as the “Referrals Coordinator” and will continue in that role in retirement. 

Topping it off is a fitting honor! Diane has been named one of the 100 “Champions of Mercy” in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. She was selected by Catholic Charities of Southwestern Ohio and will join the other 99 at a ceremony on October 1st at the Cintas Center. The event is a celebration of 100 years of Catholic Charities being God’s mercy in the community by highlighting the charitable works of others. 

Diane leaves behind a long list of successes as Business Manager, but she leaves behind an even larger legacy of love and service as a Minister

Kudos Corner thanks and salutes Diane Williams for her many years of dedicated service to the parish in sharing her time, talent and treasure in ministry!