3172 South Road

Cincinnati, OH 45248

(513) 922-2056


3172 South Road | Cincinnati, OH 45248 | (513) 922-2056

(non-school hours only)  347-2235

Canteen/Concession Room
ext. 2232
Church Hall ext.2051
Library ext.2237
Pavilion/Concession/Scouts/Locker Room    347-2210
Reception Room ext.2234
First Grade Art Rm. ext.2150
Staff Room ext.2950 

To schedule a room at the parish, please e-mail your request to the parish e-mail address, olvisitation@olvisitation.org. Please specify your name, your phone number, your organization, what room you want, the date(s), the name of the event, the beginning and ending time of the event, any set-up or breakdown time if necessary, and beginning and ending times to have the electronic door system scheduled if needed.

This gives us a paper trail of requests and makes it easier to schedule. In addition, sending it to the parish e-mail assures that someone will see it. If you send it to an individual's e-mail address, that person may be on vacation, out sick, at a seminar, etc.

If your room request is not available, someone will get back to you asking for an alternate place, date or time. Due to the volume of e-mail we receive, If you do not get an e-mail receipt confirmation, feel free to contact us to be sure your request was received, 922-2056.

 Many thanks for your cooperation.