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September 5: St. Teresa of Calcutta

(aka Mother Teresa)

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Keep it simple: Go out for/make Indian food for dinner, since St. Teresa of Calcutta spent most of her life ministering to the poorest of the poor in India.

Go all out: Serve the poor in your community in whatever way you can - volunteering at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen, taking supper to a needy family, or spending some time with a lonely neighbor, instead of ignoring them.

September 8: The Nativity of Mary

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Keep it simple: This is Mary’s birthday, so why not make her a cake. Make it with blue icing, her favorite color, put candles on it and sing “Happy Birthday” before serving.

Go all out: Start planning to create a Mary garden. While it is late in the growing season to plant, we can at least find a spot in the yard to put a Mary statue and a pot of mums. This is a beautiful Catholic tradition and I love the idea of spending time on this feast day in particular to work on a garden in honor of our Blessed Mother.

September 29: The Feast of the Archangels

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Keep it simple: There are many different food traditions associated with the Feast of Archangels, also known as Michaelmas. The legend says that when Michael kicked Lucifer out of heaven he landed on a black berry bush. So, blackberries are often served on this day to honor the archangels I love the ideas of making blackberry dishes. I think I’m going to try a blackberry crisp or this blackberry pie.

Go all out: Spend some time learning more about angels (Catechism (CCC 328-336). A good book for children is: "The Children's Book of Angels" Jerry Windley


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