Band opens up so many opportunities in your child's life.  There are  many studies that show playing an instrument actually makes you smarter.  It can also  teach your child skills that they will need for future success. Students who continue with band will find exciting opportunities to play in high school and college,  and even as adults. 


The Band Open House will be Thursday, August 31, 3:30-7:00pm in the Church Hall.  Please use the Sign up Genius to register. 
We welcome all interested 5th graders and a parent to sign up for a 15 minute time slot at our Beginning Band Open House. Students will have the opportunity to try all of the instrument options for band and parents can talk to representatives from Wert Music about their instrument rental program. It is not necessary to attend the Open House to enroll in band; however, this is a great time to let us "fit" a student to the instrument that will be perfect for them and their musical success!!

BEGINNING BAND - 5th grade 
• During school
• 2 concerts per year - Spring and Christmas

ADVANCED BAND - 6th- 8th grades
• Tuesdays after school
• 2 concerts per year - Spring and Christmas
• Additional performance opportunities available





1. How much does participation in band cost?   
$115 for the first half of the school year. $115 due after Christmas break. Families  with multiple children in band will receive discounted fees. You also have the option  to pay for the full year at the discounted rate of $200. 

2. What if we don’t own an instrument? 
There are many good options for obtaining an instrument.  If you already have one  in your family, I strongly recommend taking it to a reputable music dealer to make  sure it is in proper playing condition. If the instrument works well or needs only  minor repairs and your child wants to play THAT instrument, this might be the way  to go.  Otherwise many area music stores offer rental programs that start around  $20 a month.  This is usually the best option for beginning band students. And if they  decide to continue with their instrumental music education, most of the rental  applies to your purchase. 

3. When and where does the band meet for practice? 
Fifth grade Beginning Band will meet during their music class in the Church Hall. 

4. My child is already in EVERYTHING! This sounds wonderful, but how can we fit  band into our schedule? 
Most Visitation sports do not directly conflict with band practice, and I am very flexible if a child needs to adjust their band schedule.  Students do need to find some time at home to practice though so that they experience success and ultimately  enjoy this new activity of making music with their friends.  However, 15 minutes a  day is all that is needed.  I have found with my own children that associating practice time with something else that happens daily, like practicing math facts,  eating dinner, or even playing video games, helps with the consistency of practice.   And, of course, it has been my experience that the students with the most hectic  schedules get the highest grades! I firmly believe it has something to do with them  learning how to manage their time. 

5. How many performances are there? 
The Beginning Band will perform a Christmas concert in December and a “Pops”  concert in the spring. There are outside opportunities to perform as well. Elder, LaSalle, & St. Xavier have “grade school nights” and LaSalle has hosted a “Festival of Bands”  in the past. These are optional. Looking ahead, if your child stays in band next year,  the advanced band additionally performs at the Kings Island Festival of Music. 

6. My child plays piano.  Can he/she play it in band class? 
Unfortunately, no. Concert band repertoire rarely calls for a piano, and when it  does, it is only for one.  However, we have many students in band who also play the  piano.  Students who have a year or more of piano under their belt usually do very well starting a new instrument.  That goes for students who play other non-band  instruments as well.  Plus, later in high school and college, there are often  opportunities for band students who also play piano, guitar, or bass to do so in  groups like jazz band, pep band, steel drum band, and marching band.  Directors often  prefer to pick those students from their concert band ensembles. 

7. What if my child decides they do not like the instrument they chose?
That is why it is important to come to the band open house and let your child try  every instrument available.  Sometimes a child will think they want to play the flute,  but get a clarinet in their hands, and they’re sold!  Or maybe neither of you had ever  heard of a baritone, but wow!  What a sound! Sometimes a child changes their mind  after starting band.  If you are renting, switching instruments is not difficult.  After  switching, your child will need to get in some extra practice time, and maybe enlist  the help of an advanced band member or private lesson teacher to get caught up  with the class. 


8. What if my child decides that he or she doesn’t like band? 
Kids are kids.  Their interests change daily, and sometimes they just get tired of  having to practice at home or carry their case on the bus, even if it is just once a week.  Often a little extra push for a week or two from you (and me) is all you need  to get them over a hump.  But sometimes band just ISN’T for them.  I would strongly suggest having your child wait through that first concert before they stop coming to  band, and then for ease of schedule/grades, waiting until the next trimester to  switch back to music class. If you are renting, you can return the instrument to the  music store at that time. If you rent from Wert Music, that is as easy as leaving the  instrument with me at Visitation. 

9. I played the sax, so my child will too.  Plus, there’s one in my closet.
If music is in your blood, odds are good it’s in your child’s too!  But please be careful  not to push your instrument choice onto them.  Also, an instrument that has been in  a closet for 20 years just may not work, and may not be worth the cost involved in  making it work.  Please take it to a reputable music dealer to have it checked out.   Wert Music will be available at our Open House and can look at your instrument  then if you bring it with you. 

10. What are your Covid 19 procedures? 
I have been keeping up with both the archdiocese covid policies as well as national  studies/information for band directors and music teachers. As we navigate 2023, I will continue to stay up to date with policies  and best practices and will communicate what will occur in my classroom with  administration and parents. If you have further questions/concerns, feel free to  email me.

11.What is your background? I have a music education degree from Indiana University and this is my 31st year of teaching. I taught band in public schools for twelve years, six as the band director of Winton Woods Middle School and the assistant band director for Winton Woods High School, and six as head director of the Lawrenceburg School Bands.  I LOVED my job, but I decided to stay at home when I had my children. I missed teaching so I started a home school band.  When exploring grade school options for our oldest, I found myself in an email conversation with our former principal, Mr. Chapman, about the absence of a band program here. It was time to restart one! This will be my 16th year teaching band at Visitation, and I feel absolutely blessed to get to do what I love here in such a wonderful community! My oldest played French horn in our band while she was here and then went on to major in dance at the Cincinnati School for Creative and Performing Arts.  She is about to start her junior year as a dance major at Marymount Manhattan in NYC. My middle, who played alto saxophone in our band, also majored in dance at SCPA, and is a freshman dance amjor at the University of Arizona. My sophomore was a percussionist in our Advanced Band and is now on the Elder High School Drumline! I am also the band director at Elder High School and for the Cincy Premier Grade School Band. Did I mention I love band? And the arts? And teaching?  

Band opens up so many opportunities this year and in the future.   There are many studies that show playing an instrument actually makes you  smarter. Google it! It can also teach your child skills that they will need for future  success. Your child will perform this year for the school, parents, and family. They  will strengthen old friendships, and make new ones. Students who continue with  band will find exciting opportunities to play in high school and college, and even as  adults. Some may even receive college scholarships. I did! And two of our local  Catholic High Schools, Elder & Seton,  are now offering scholarships for band students as well. This  is a fun opportunity and a skill that your child could use for years to come.  “There  are Different Gifts…but the Same Spirit.” This may very well be one of YOUR CHILD’S  gifts!!! Come to our band open house to find out more!




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