We are happy to announce our partnership with to implement our ONLINE LUNCH ORDERING PROGRAM!  The menu is now available on this website, allowing you to sign up and order lunches on a weekly and/or daily basis.  

You will be able to create an account, add your student(s) by homeroom teacher, add funds, and place orders weekly and/or daily. Orders will be accepted until 8:00 am daily. After 8:00 am, the program will not allow you to place an order fror that day. 

If you have a new student this year, or did not set up an account for your child last year, please see below on how to register.  Each student must be registered separately when purchasing a Hot Lunch .

*PLEASE NOTE* You must go in and update your student to thier current grade and homeroom teacher for the 23/24 school year.  This is best done from a desktop computer, as opposed to the app. 

Pricing:  Tray Lunch $4.00 (includes milk)
Hot a la carte $2.00 (ie. slice pizza, chicken patty sandwich)
Milk and Bottled Water $0.50
Assorted Bag Snacks $0.75
Ice Cream $1.50

Can I use cash?  Cash is not accepted to purchase the main entree or hot a la carte items.  However, cash can be used for side items.  All lunches must be ordered online through your Hotlunch account.  Your child may still purchase milk, snacks, and ice cream at any time with cash, but you can also order those items online.  We would like all families to create a Hotlunch account prior to the start of school, regardless of whether or not you order this month.

Forgotten Lunches:  Due to the size of Visitation School, we do not accept forgotten lunches at the office.  If your child forgets their lunch, a box lunch will be made available to them and charged to your Hotlunch account.  Your child will not go hungry! If your child goes home sick and you purchased a lunch,  please contact and we will delete the purchase.

Credits:  Credit will be issued for students that are sick, or go home sick on a day lunch or item(s) have been ordered on the Hot Lunch Program.  

*Note, please do not order a Hot Lunch on the days you have a scheduled Dr. or Dentist appointments. If something comes up (appointments) or your child no longer wants the lunch that has been ordered or you know your child will not be coming to school, you may go into your account and cancel that lunch or item(s) by 8:00am daily.  These extra steps help keep our food cost in line and less waste occurs.

Preschool:  Preschool may only purchase milk and bottled water, an account will need to be set up to order those.  

How to sign up:  To create an account go to:

  • Click on “Parent’s click here to signup” 
  • Enter first name and last name 
  • Enter email address
  • Enter phone number 
  • Enter password 
  • Answer security question 
  • Hit Save    

Setup Fee:  A $5.00 setup fee will be applied per family. After you activate your account, you will need a school code to add your children. 

Our campus code:  olvlunch

Questions or comments?  Click on the Software Support option on the bottom left of your navigation panel. This is the best resource for troubleshooting technical issues.  Additional assistance can be obtained by emailling:

Thank you,
Linda Good - Cafeteria Manager
(513) 347-2229




3180 South Road
Cincinnati, OH 45248

(513) 347-2222
during school hours 8:18 AM - 2:55 PM