Living Our Faith  
At Our Lady of the Visitation we are focused on living our faith by instilling our Catholic values in our students on a daily basis. Each day we strive to provide a quality Catholic education with superior academic results. Our students thrive in a safe and caring community where they are accepted and respected as they develop their faith. We work to build character in a disciplined learning environment for each and every student where they learn to respect all individuals.


Every day we are called to live out the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. At Our Lady of the Visitation we work to prepare our students to live out their faith in the Catholic Church. Each day of the week presents the opportunity for students who attend our school to experience Catholic culture integrated throughout the curriculum.

As our second grade students prepare for the sacrament of First Communion, they experience the love and mercy of God’s love through the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Each student’s preparation begins in the classroom with support from their teachers, parents and the Our Lady of the Visitation community.  This blessed Sacrament is first prayerfully celebrated with their parents with opportunities to continue to experience God’s forgiveness during the seasons of Advent and Lent.

Throughout their second grade school year, students prayerfully prepare for the Sacrament of First Communion.  Our teachers and parents guide each student to be ready to receive the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ through classroom activities, prayer and retreats.  The celebration of this Sacrament of Initiation takes place during a private ceremony in the late spring.  

As Catholic Christian parents we bring our children into the Catholic Church so that they may begin their journey in faith through Baptism. During their seventh grade year, with the help of our teachers and the Our Lady of the Visitation community we prepare our children to make the choice to continue their faith journey through the Sacrament of Confirmation.  This Sacrament of Service is celebrated with their sponsors and families in the spring.

As parishioners of Our Lady of the Visitation, we experience God’s love through prayer, service and community activities. Our students have these same experiences through our school families. Each eighth grade student leads a group of students from each grade throughout the school year. The students interact as families to promote the Our Lady of the Visitation spirit and service through prayer, group discussions and group activities.

As each one of us has received God’s gifts, we are called to serve one another in His name. We celebrate the gifts of our students at Our Lady of the Visitation during mass, in the classroom and participation in clubs and sports. Our students support organizations including the Literacy Network, St. Leo’s Parish, (others) through service hours, as well as various collections and other donations.

What is a TOB School?

It is school community where everyone is seen as a gift from God. It’s a way of looking at others that upholds the dignity of every human person. It is a way of living and learning in gratitude for God’s love for us. We recognize our mission to serve the needs of our sisters and brothers. Theology of the Body, written by St John Paul II, is a treasure for our time. The fruits of the Holy Spirit are witnessed in the school hallways and beyond: charity, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, generosity, gentleness, faithfulness, modesty, self-control and chastity.


Each month, this new page on our website will offer fun ways to live your Catholic faith – right at home!

Through various movies, books, day trips, prayers and grade-level activities that reinforce what the children are learning, we learn about our faith. With families spending more time at home, this site provides timely and seasonal ideas to live out the Catholic faith.

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It’s spring and all the earth is shouting for joy! It’s time to get the family outdoors and noticing what’s going on out there. New life is bursting forth and it deserves a notice from us. Spring is our time for letting go of our winter ways and changing family life up a bit. In this issue, we will offer lots of great ideas to celebrate spring and connect what we see with our Catholic faith.


Prayer ~
The Story of the Jelly Beans
By Lacy Lynch
White is for the bread they broke before the sad event,
Black is for the dark night in the garden where Jesus went.
Orange is for the sunrise on the day of His arrest,
Purple for the robe he wore– a “king” they called in jest.
Red is for the blood He spilled which was for me and you,
Pink is for His Mother, whose heart broke into two.
The grass outside the tomb was green when Magdalene arrived,
And yellow is for her shock to find out Jesus was alive!!!




Let’s go fly a kite – March and April bring many windy days. This a great time to make and fly kites. Family life offers many teaching moments and encountering the wind in action is one of them. The Holy Spirit is known as “Ruah” which means wind in Hebrew. When we experience the wind, we begin just how this Spirit of God operates. So, have “Kite Saturday” and spend some time flying kites and teaching your children about the Holy Spirit.

Planting gardens – Spring is time to get out in the garden. It is a tradition in Europe to plant a flower or vegetable garden and dedicate it to Mary. Let your children get into the dirt and start planting. This is hands on way to help them understand the many references that Jesus makes about growing things… fig trees...grapes… wheat. And, if you really want a great garden, put a statue of Mary in the middle and ask her for a great crop. She always comes through!

Divine Mercy- This special feast was created by Pope John Paul II to commemorate the novena that St Faustina received in her visions of the Lord. The novena begins of Good Friday and ends on the Sunday after Easter. To learn more about the devotion, check out Relevant Radio.com pray the Divine Mercy Novena on this Sunday then celebrate with a trip to the soft ice cream store





April 16th is the feast of St Bernadette of Lourdes. She was the young peasant girl who the Blessed virgin appeared to. Watch the classic movie Song of Bernadette.

Based on the popular novel by Franz Werfel, this drama focuses on Bernadette Soubirous (Jennifer Jones), a young French woman who experiences vivid visions of the Virgin Mary. While many dismiss her claims, certain people, including the priest Dominique Peyramale (Charles Bickford), slowly begin to believe her. Eventually, Bernadette is deemed a saint, and becomes a nun at a convent, where she must deal with jealousy from others who resent her revered status.


The best day trip in Easter season is a trip to the zoo or to a farm. Watching new life come is exciting and reveals the true spirit of Christ’s resurrection. He came to bring life and bring it in abundance. So, go see the baby animals at the zoo, watch a chick hatch or visit a farm with newborn sheep or calves. Talk to your children about the miracle of life and our call to protect life from conception until natural death


ChristineVHides.com, Inspirecatholic.com and Reallifeathome.com are three very good ones for family life. Give them a try.





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