Academic excellence is Visitation’s commitment to all of its students. Student learning is the focus of Visitation’s curriculum, which is outlined in the Graded Course of Study for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. High expectations are the standard, and Visitation students excel within the classroom and outside of the classroom in all curricular areas. Visitation’s academic program gets results because it is focused on learning!


Preschoolers are very enthusiastic learners and these positive attitudes can greatly contribute to their future success in school.  Preschoolers learn through fun and games as they navigate through their classrooms with toys, puzzles and shapes helping in the development of important cognitive skills, social development and gross/fine motor skills.  Research has shown that preschool also provides an atmosphere for the development of early literacy and mathematical skills. The skills learned during the Preschool years can then be applied in math, reading, religion, social studies, science, art, gym and music greatly contributing to future school achievement.


Our primary grades consist of students in grades K-3. Our kindergarten students attend school for the full day and have the option of before and after school care, as well. Each grade level consists of three homerooms with learning specialists/aides to assist throughout the day during major subjects, such as reading and math. Students in the primary grades focus on literacy and numeracy skills at differentiated levels. Our students participate in a grade level reading group time twice a week where students can work on literacy skills at their level. Classroom instruction aims to appropriately challenge students through hands on collaborative activities. Our primary students attend Mass once a week, as well as participate in school wide service projects, daily prayers, and religion classes. Students in second grade prepare for Reconciliation and to receive their First Holy Communion.


Beginning in fourth grade our students begin to change classes and see all grade level teachers for each subject. Students begin to use foundational learning skills acquired in the primary grades to extend and use their critical thinking skills. 

In sixth grade students are leveled in math classes by ability using standardized test scores, as well as past student performance. Leveled math instruction gives students the ability to be challenged at their level. Our math levels range from remedial to accelerated. Our advanced/accelerated math students complete pre-algebra in seventh grade, and high school Algebra I in eighth grade. Those students will then take an end of the year Algebra assessment in eighth grade to be given possible high school graduation credit. Our remedial and mixed math groups will learn skills needed to begin algebra in high school with confidence and a solid knowledge base of appropriate skills. 

Students in the Junior High grades also have the opportunity to lead as faith ambassadors through their actions and words. Our students participate in Mass once a week. Mass is set up by our eighth grade students and planned by a different grade level each week. Students in seventh grade prepare for Confirmation through retreats and daily classwork. Confirmation is a sacrament where students affirm their belief in God and the Church via the Anointing of Oil. School service projects are done monthly, as well as weekly, by our eighth grade students that have the opportunity to participate in ACTS (Association of Catholic Teenage Services).


Students in grades K-8 take a technology class to learn basic functions such as typing, coding, and responsible use. They learn how to use technology to research topics, find accurate sources, and cite them.  In addition, students in grades K-8 each have a Chromebook to use in the classroom to enhance and practice skills learned in technology class.

As students get in the upper grades they learn about Google Drive and how they can use these programs to extend, explore, and demonstrate learning on various platforms within the classroom.  Junior high students have the opportunity to learn Photoshop, how to make movies, and create their very own news network


We have a large auxiliary support team to help meet our students’ needs. Our support staff includes a speech therapist, three intervention specialists, a school psychologist, two math specialists, and one learning specialist. Our support team works with students in and out of the classroom to help identify and meet student needs in all grade levels.

Students in grades K-3 have the opportunity to work with our enrichment teacher during reading groups. These students work on reading higher level books and participate in challenging hands on activities at their level. Students in grades 4-8 have the opportunity to go to enrichment class during the school day to work on projects that challenge and extend their thinking. Many of these projects include STEM, collaborative teamwork, hands on challenges, as well as mental brain puzzles in various subject areas. The purpose of enrichment is to provide an additional stimulating and challenging curriculum for students who are ready to excel beyond the grade level curriculum. Students are identified and encouraged to take enrichment classes using standardized test scores and student performance in the classroom.

In art, each student has the opportunity to express their ideas using a variety of art processes and materials. Through project-based lessons in Art History, Art Criticism. Aesthetics and Art Production, students are encouraged to approach each art process with creativity and innovation. Each new art experience gives our students the chance to fine tune their observation abilities, work on fine motor skills and learn about the basic elements and principles of design. In addition to art class, students can choose to be a part of many enriching art activities; including school-wide art shows, competitions, after-school art workshops and summer art camps.

Through active participation in movement and sports, students will gain an appreciation for personal fitness and other social skills vital to becoming healthy, productive members of our community. Each lesson is planned to maximize the amount of time students are engaged in moderate to vigorous physical activity. Gross motor skills are developed and practiced throughout an entire gym class to help students develop a sense of balance, coordination, and confidence needed to carry out specific skills taught.


From rhythm circles to singing in multiple languages, to writing songs, to learning to play the recorder, band instruments, and the guitar, our music lessons are designed to develop the creative spirit in every student at Visitation. Our music curriculum was built to lead students to discover the joy of music making, while learning the fundamentals of Music Theory, Music History, Music Appreciation, and Music Performance.

Students in grades K-5 have the opportunity to take Spanish after school. Students learn about the culture through auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning styles as well as basic words and phrases. 

Students in grades K-8 visit the library once a week to check out a book, participate in STEM challenges, and have the opportunity to take an Accelerated Readers’ assessment.  We celebrate and encourage student reading through the Accelerated Reader program where students have the opportunity to earn prizes for reading. The library also hosts a Book Fair once a year!



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