All bus riders will be dropped off behind school in the morning and head to the auditorium or classroom depending on time. No first graders will go to the church hall in the morning.


2:55 Carpool Dismissal for those cars turning RIGHT onto South Road
3:10 Carpool Dismissal for those cars turning LEFT onto South Road

Make sure your child knows which carpool they will be in.

For the safety of our students, Our Lady of the Visitation school will be using a dismissal procedure that was developed with guidance from Green Township Police Dept. and the Safety Team at Visitation. Students and cars should not be moving at the same time under this new procedure. Patience will be of the utmost importance.

All cars will enter the South Road Lot using the entrance closest to the white house (church office). All cars will pull into straight lines facing Werk Road, using the parking spot lines as guides. Please pull up behind the car in front of you, leaving 2-3 feet only between cars. Cones will be used to mark the beginning of the rows. The cone will also serve to block the cars from leaving. First graders will wait in the holding zone outside the third and fourth grade classrooms. Parents can pick students up from the holding zone. Once students are safely in cars, a staff member will call any unattended students back into the holding zone. Once students are secured back into safety zone, cars will then be dismissed by rows. It will take some time to work out issues, so please be patient as we work to ensure the safety of the students.




3180 South Road
Cincinnati, OH 45248

(513) 347-2222
during school hours 8:18 AM - 2:55 PM